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Cogito Ergo Sum


(Germany) Forth album. Sickest psycho Black Metal ever. A Psychoactive Journey Into The Depths Of Insanity.

1. Cogito Ergo Sum (Gedankenwelt)
2. No Man's Land
3. Sagarmatha (Call Of The Mountain)
4. Behind Dead Eyes
5. Grenzgang(-Erfahrung!)
6. Entropie
7. Jenseits Des Fleisches
8. To Belife...
9. Anachronismus
10. Tripnosis (Deus Absconditus)

KHAZAD DHUM - Human Breeds Evil


Human Breeds Evil


(Germany) The second album from 2002 finally officially released, simply to destroy all human life on Earth. Anti Human Black Metal. Blackest Metal for blackest Souls!

1. From Dusk Til No Dawn
2. Decreaser Of Humanity
3. Destroy Every Human Life
4. Day X
5. Wizard In The Eternal Ice (Part 1: Eternal Dreamland)
6. Revolution Of Evolution
7. You're Better Of That Way
8. Instinctive Hate
9. Wizard In The Eternal Ice (Part 2: Return Of The Ice Age)
10. Bring It To An End

SEAMOUNT - ntodrm




Double LP
(Germany) Classical Doom Metal.

1. Sleeping Wizard
2. Kiss The Skull
3. Revival
4. Torch Of Doom
5. Lucifers Bride
6. Black Venom
7. Cult
8. Revelation
9. Tears Of A Giant
10. Amber
11. Spring Fairy
12. Seamount





(Germany) The Sixth Album, Sickest psycho Black Metal ever.
This is not just "True" Black Metal...
This is the Black Truth itself...
This is the true Soundtrack
To your real Downfall!
Send your mind to a Traumatic Voyage,
on a unique journey into cosmic darkness
and the deepest abyss of your soul...
If you got one...
And it it's strong enough to take it...
You may discover pure, dark truth while you traveling
But be careful...
Maybe you get lost and will never return!

1. Sick Transit Gloria Mundi
2. Low Resolution Profile
3. Subyoumanity
4. Knowhere
5. 3. I View
6. Eisendzeit
7. New Rage
8. Coretextension
9. Wayward Willwind
10. Gratwanderung

NONEUCLID - The Crawling Chaos


The Crawling Chaos


(Germany/Holland) Seven Acoustic Cathedrals of Cosmic Death. Rotten monolithic Thrash / Death Metal with extremely abysmally deep atmospheres. Music composed by Morean; featuring Century Media artists V. Santura and Seraph (Dark Fortress).

1. Worm
2. The Digital Diaspora
3. Coming in Tongues
4. Void Bitch
5. Xenoglossy
6. Time Raper
7. Murder of Worlds

ISRATHOUM - Black Scenery Avatar


Black Scenery Avatar


Mini CD
(Holland) Grim, obscure, atmospheric, and varied Black Metal.

1. The Eldritch Circle
2. The Storm Which Lies Ahead
3. Guidance
4. The Ghostly Hour
5. Dimensions
6. Black Scenery Avatar

ORDER FROM CHAOS - Imperium: The Apocalyptic Vision


Imperium: The Apocalyptic Vision

(M.R.CD017 / M.R.LP017)

CD / Double LP
(U.S.A.) Thrash / Death - "Imperium: The Apocalyptic Visions" is part I of a two part Order From Chaos definitive anthology of all UNRELEASED demos and live tapes, spanning their entire career (1987-1995). Straight from their personal archives and original master tapes, this is the final word on the celebrated career of Order From Chaos. Including the reprint of the first issue of the "O.F.C. Fanzine".

Inhumanities (Studio Demo, July 1988)
1. Victimized
2. Apocalyptic Visions
3. Golgotha (Second Death)
4. The Scourge
Live Rehearsal, 25 December 1988
5. Of Death and Dying
6. Webs of Perdition
7. Crimes Against the State
8. Golgotha (Second Death)
9. Quietus
10. Apocalyptic Visions
11. Victimized
12. Blood and Thunder
Live, Manassas, Virginia; 11 March 1994
13. Plateau of Invincibility
14. Ophiuchus Rex (He Who Plays With the Serpents)
15. Nuctemeron
16. An Ending in Fire

DELIRIUM TREMENS - Thrashing Warthogs


Thrashing Warthogs

(M.R.CD016 / M.R.LP016)

(Germany) Destructive Thrash Metal. Sex, Violence and Alkohol with Rock'n'Roll.

1. Fucking Amazing
2. Worship Satan
3. Death From Behind
4. Rot In Hell
5. Follow Us If You Want To Die
6. Twisted Mind
7. Balls Of Fire
8. Army Of Death
9. War Machine
10. Paradise City (GNR-Cover)

BURIED GOD - Dark Revelation


Dark Revelation

(M.R.CD015 / M.R.LP015)

(Germany) "Dark Revelation" will show you the dark sinister face of traditional Thrash Metal!

1. Back to Wreck Your Neck
2. The beast Rules Me
3. Conquer Moriha
4. A Piece of Flesh
5. Buried God
6. Eyes of the Gorgon
7. Hunger
8. Ruins of the Pantheon
9. My Dark revelation
10. Rape of Harmony

MORTEM - Decomposed By Possession


Decomposed By Possession

(M.R.CD014 / M.R.LP014 / M.R.PLP014)

CD / LP / Picture LP
(Peru) Nine tracks of pure Death Metal. Evil, brutal and in the true Metal tradition. Refreshing music with feeling.

1. Death Rules Supreme
2. Devilled
3. Blackest Funeral
4. Morgue Rapist
5. Hell And Beyond
6. Curdled Blood
7. Decomposed By Possession
8. Noctivagants
9. Incubus: The Return
Vinyl Bonustracks
10. Satan's Curse
11. Crypts Of Eternity

CIANIDE - Divide And Conquer


Divide And Conquer

(M.R.CD013 / M.R.LP013)

(U.S.A.) CIANIDE, Chicago's cult Death Metal legends return with their fourth album. Ten tracks of their heaviest and most brutal work to date.

1. Divide and Conquer
2. Throne of Blood
3. Death Machine
4. Armed to the Teeth
5. Apocalyptic Fears
6. Filled With Hate
7. One-Thousand Ways to Die
8. Battle-Scarred
9. Bastardized
10. Remain in Hell

DESASTER - Ten Years Of Total Desaster


Ten Years Of Total Desaster


Double LP limited edition 2000 copies
(Germany) Unreleased and alternative song versions.

Disc A.:
1. Intro (Decade Of Desaster)
2. The Witches Rune
3. Sataniac
4. Vengeance Knows No Bound
5. Medi-Evil Rites
6. Metalized Blood
7. Past.. Present... Forever...
8. Ride On For Revenge
9. Sacrilege
Disc B.:
1. Devil's Sword
2. The Hill Of A Thousand Souls
3. Tears Of An Old Wizard
4. As The Deadworld Calls
5. The Final Desaster
6. Witchcraft
7. Porter Of Hellgate
8. Scream For Mercy
9. Evil Arschloch

SCEPTER - Fucking Metal Motherfuckers


Fucking Metal Motherfuckers

(M.R.CD011 / M.R.LP011)

(U.S.A.) SCEPTER has once again triumphed with another METAL masterpiece! Heavy, crunching, dirty, sick fucking METAL. Another onslaught of pure metallic slaughter from the Chicago warlords. Classic songs and great heavy production make this release a must-have for all those possessed by pure fucking Metal. Chicago Metal RULES!!

1. Fucking Metal Motherfuckers
2. Lowest Common Denominator
3. Bottom Feeder
4. Slaveship
5. Time To Bleed
6. Age Of Consent
7. Do Unto Others As You Wanna Do Unto Them
8. Metal Means Stupid
9. Hand Of Glory
10.The Victimless Crime
11. Home Invasion
12. One For The Road

UNGOD / BAXAXAXA - Magicus Tallis Damnatio /  Hellfire


Magicus Tallis Damnatio / Hellfire

(M.R.CD010 / M.R.LP010)

Split CD / Split LP
(Germany) Black Metal

UNGOD Magicus Talli Damnatio
1. Silence in The Golden Halls Of Endless Hope
2. Land Of Frozen Tears
3. Magicus Tallis Dammnatio
4. Journey Through Forgotten Myth
5. Lost Beast, Born In Dakrness
6. Church Of The Antichrist
7. Nocturnal Mass And Christ's Damnation
8. The Day When god Falls
9. Hellfire

SCEPTER - I'm Going To Hell


I'm Going To Hell

(M.R.CD009 / M.R.LP009)

(U.S.A.) SCEPTER's gonna seal your fate when they blast you with their latest salvo of unrelenting firepower. Ten new songs of pure fucking metal!

1. I'm Going To Hell
2. Ready To Rape
3. Payback's A Bitch
4. Deathspell
5. Predestination
6. The Day Of Reckoning
7. Solitary Suicide
8. Eyes Of The Watcher
9. Yakub's Mistake
10. Obsessed By Metal

DESASTER - Hellfire's Dominion


Hellfire's Dominion

(M.R.CD008 / M.R.LP008 / M.R.PLP008)

CD / LP / Picture LP
(Germany) Traditional Black Metal in their raw and powerful style. Be prepaired for more then 45min of TOTAL DESASTER.

1. Intro
2. In The Ban Of Satan's Sorcery
3. Expect No Release
4. Teutonic Steel
5. Metalized Blood
6. Thou Shalt Be King
7. Hellfire's Dominion
8. Past...Present...Forever...
9. Castleland
10. Across The Bloodfields

MORTEM - The Devil Speaks In Tongues


The Devil Speaks In Tongues

(M.R.CD007 / M.R.LP007 / M.R.PLP007)

CD / LP / Picture LP
(Peru) A masterpiece of diabolic Death Metal. 12 tracks of absolutely sick, ghastly and demonic Death Metal.

1. Fiat Obscuritas
2. Demons Haunt Loudun
3. Uma, Head of the witch
4. Summoned to Hell
5. Mutilation Rites
6. Devil Speaks in Tongues
7. Posthumous Magic
8. Turn in your Grave (Sacrifice cover)
9. Zombie Plague
10. Sucubus
11. Lycanthropes (Howling Death)
12. Moon of Cannibalism

VULPECULA - Fons Immortalis


Fons Immortalis

(M.R.CD006 / M.R.LP006)

Mini CD / Mini LP
(U.S.A.) Space Metal. Featuring Guitarwitchmaster Chuck Keller from legendary Order From Chaos.

1. Astride the Darklands
2. Fons Immortalis
3. Down Among Them
4. Phoenix of the Creation
5. The First Point of Aries
6. Seven Layers of Light

DESASTER - Stormbringer



(M.R.CD005 / M.R.LP005 / M.R.CD005)

Digipack Mini CD / Picture Mini LP / Mini CD (Re-release)
(Germany) Traditional Black Thrash Metal.

1. Stormbringer
2. The Swords Will Never Sink
3. Sacrilege
4. Face Of Darkness
5. Tormentor (Kreator cover)
6. Emerging Castleland

MORTEM - Demon Tales


Demon Tales

(M.R.CD004 / M.R.LP004)

(Peru) Black Death Metal, savage music with demonic feeling.

1. Daemonium Vobiscum
2. End of the christian Era
3. A Demon Tale
4. Satan II
5. Unguy Maman, Mother of Disease
6. Vomit of the Earth
7. Unearth the Buried Evil
8. Demonolatry
9. Blackened Arts
10. Tormented by the Undead

DESASTER - A Touch Of Medieval Darkness


A Touch Of Medieval Darkness

(M.R.CD003 / M.R.LP003 / M.R.CD003)

CD / LP / CD (Re-release)
(Germany) Debut album with 10 hymns of unpurest black art. Taste the sweet wine of destruction.

1. Skyline In Flames (Intro)
2. In A Winter Battle
3. A Touch Of Medieval Darkness
4. Fields Of Triumph
5. Devil's Sword
6. Into A Magical Night
7. Crypts Of Dracul
8. Visions In The Autumn Shades
9. Porter Of Hellgate
10. Home For The Brave (Outro)

MARTYRIUM - L.V.X.occulta




CD (1st. pressing white print / 2nd. pressing red print)
(Germany) Black Avantgarde Metal.

1. Autum's Speech
2. A Living Ba
3. Enuma Elish
4. Lucifer Rising
5. Forgotten Spheres
6. Glory of the Raging Storm
7. Scarlet Woman
8. Into Midnight Silence
9. Winds of Apocalypse

UNGOD - Circle Of The Seven Infernal Pacts


Circle Of The Seven Infernal Pacts

(M.R.CD001 / M.R.PLP001)

CD / Picture LP
(Germany) Black Apocalyptic Metal.

1. Silence In The Golden Halls Of Endless Hope
2. Circle Of The Seven Infernal Pacts
3. Land Of The Frozen Tears
4. Magieus Tulis Damnatio
5. Dark Winds Around The Throne Of Blood
6. Lost Beast, Born In Darkness
7. A Journey Through Forgotten Myth
8. The Grotesque Vision Of A Dying Moon
9. Black Clouds Beyond The Fullmoon